Speaking Engagements

In order to book a speaking engagement, contact Eric Littleton via Hide-a-Way Publishing at hidewaypublishingcompany@gmail.com or by texting or calling 469-418-3296.  Speaking engagements honorariums are as follows:

1/2 day          $500 + all related travel expenses

1 day              $1,000 + all related travel expenses

1.5 days         $1500 + all related travel expenses

2 full days     $2000 + all related travel expenses

Maximum honorarium amount is $2500 + travel expenses.

Marci Littleton is also available for small group presentations and question and answer sessions.  Eric and Marci Littleton enjoy presenting their family’s story together, so please inquire about her availability as well.



If your group or organization is unable to provide an honorarium, please notify Hide-a-Way Publishing explaining your situation.  Eric Littleton does not want money to interfere with your group’s opportunity to hear his family’s story.