Speaking Topics

Eric Littleton’s message of Solomon’s Gift is perfect for all groups.   Whether you are looking for your school, your church, your business, or your community organization, Eric’s message will inspire those in attendance to overcome adversity in their lives, to lend a helping hand to those in need, to accept all people with open arms, and to celebrate the small things in life that we so often take for granted.  Eric will challenge everyone in attendance to take inventory of their lives to ensure they are living each day with purpose and conviction, and to savor each moment they have been given here on this earth.  Some of Eric’s topics are:

“From Guilt to Gratitude”: Eric shares the grueling story of the day he discovers that his wife is carrying guilt for Solomon’s illness.  Eric details how guilt is a weapon that destroys lives and reminds us that we don’t have to live our lives with that guilt.

“He’s My Brother”:Solomon’s twin brother, Isaac, finds himself in the awkward position of having to clean up Solomon after a bathroom incident.  Isaac’s actions teach us that we are all dirty and in need of love and grace and mercy, even with all our “stuff.”  The story ends with Isaac proclaiming, “But, daddy, he’s my brother.” This story is often a companion piece to “Special Needs.” 

“Special Needs”:Isaac, Solomon’s twin, encounters a little boy in an electric wheelchair who is horribly disfigured and, quite candidly, one of those “outcasts” of our society that many of us are afraid to interact with.  Isaac tells his father that this boy  is “…no different than anyone else and just wants someone to love him like Solomon does…”This story is often a companion piece to “He’s My Brother.” 

“I’ll Sit Here with You Till You Can”:One morning Eric could not get out of bed and, weeping uncontrollably, uttered the words to his wife “I can’t do this any more.” After Marci left the house, Eric’s dear friend shows up in his bedroom, sits down in the chair across from his bed and says, “I’ll sit here with you til you can.”  Eric discusses the power of being present in someone’s life in their time of greatest need and not bringing judgement or guilt….just unconditional love and acceptance. This is often a companion piece to “This Illness Changes Nothing.”

“Solomon’s Illness Changes Nothing”:Eric shares the story of his childrens’ godparents telling him that Solomon’s illness doesn’t change their commitment to care for the kids if anything happens to Eric or Marci.  For the first time, Eric describes how he didn’t feel alone in this battle and discusses how this simple gesture by his dear friends rekindled a fire in his spirit to continue fighting.

Other topics include:

*”I Don’t Want Our Pain to be Wasted”

*”The Road to Abilene: The Night God Showed Up”

*”God’s Not Finished with Us Yet.”

*”Mother’s Day Special Needs”

*”Independence Day”

*”Labor Day”